Best Choice of Yoga Mats for Workout at Home

Yoga is a sport that can make the heart and mind calm. This exercise can provide a sense of comfort because it focuses on stretching the tight muscle joints. One of the tools that should not be forgotten in doing this sport is the best yoga mat so that the exercise is more comfortable.

Pinhome – Pins, just like with other sports, yoga also requires tools that aim to reduce injuries. For example, clothes that absorb sweat and loose, yoga blocks to yoga mats of good quality. 

The selection of a yoga mat is done with the aim of providing comfort when you do the movement. As we know that yoga movements are generally dominated by stretching movements and resting on the ground or floor. To protect your body from hitting the floor, you can choose a thick yoga mat. 

The function of using the best yoga mat while exercising

Pins, as we mentioned above, there are advantages to using a mat when exercising. In addition to yoga, it turns out that the mat can also be used for other sports at home, you know. Here are the functions of a yoga mat that you can optimize.

Supports meditation

Who doesn’t understand meditation? Yes, this one activity can be categorized as an activity to calm the mind and soul. You need a calm atmosphere with supportive music so that meditation activities can run well. Meditation will generally use a cross-legged sitting position. This will require a yoga mat to sit on the Pins. So, so that meditation activities can run smoothly, even the best yoga mat must be a priority. 

Yoga exercise at home

Yoga at home can be done more cool and comfortable if you have a good quality mat. This is so that yoga activities will be more enjoyable. Pins, you need to provide a good yoga mat so the body doesn’t hurt when it hits the floor.

Gymnastics at Home

In addition to yoga and meditation, exercise will usually require a mat. For example, aerobic exercise. Some of these exercises will require you to touch or lie on the floor. Therefore, make sure the mat you have is the best yoga mat, Pins. 

Help with HIIT gerakan

Pins, you know the sport of HIIT? It is a high-intensity interval training exercise. This sport combines movement as well as fast or high intensity. Given that this exercise is cardio that is useful for losing weight, there will be a lot of movement that touches the floor or even lies down. For that, you need a good quality mattress.

How to choose the best yoga mat

Pins, after you understand what the functions of the mat are, here is how to choose the best yoga mat. Let’s see together Pins. 

  • Make sure the size of the mattress fits your needs. Although it is generally the same size yoga mat in various stores. However, you must still check the size of the mattress, Pins. The goal is not to be too small and fit to be used during sports.
  • Both check and check the surface of the mat. Make sure there is an embossed pattern so that the mat is not slippery when placed on the ceramic. The goal is that you don’t slip or sprain when using a mattress with a patterned surface.
  • Next, make sure the material of the mat is good enough so that it is durable to use for a long time.

So, when you want to buy a mattress for sports, you have to be careful. 

The best choice of yoga mats for workout 

Pins, here is a choice of mats that are suitable for sports activities at home. Let’s see together.

Ketler Mat

Best Choice of Yoga Mats for Workout at Home
Mats from Ketler can be the first choice for those of you who want to have a mat during workouts. The size of this mattress is about 72x24x1.2 centimeters. The material of this mat is non-slip so it is safe to use when sweating. You will not be slippery and certainly safe. You will not easily slip using this mat, especially when there is a lot of sweat production.

Adidas Yoga Mat

Best Choice of Yoga Mats for Workout at Home

Next there is the Adidas brand. The choice of this yoga mat can certainly be the most important recommendation, Pins. This is because Adidas is a brand that is known to have high qualifications in producing sportswear and equipment. Armed with good prestige and popularity, there’s nothing wrong with buying a yoga mat from the Adidas brand, yes Pins. 

Reebok Yoga Mat

Best Choice of Yoga Mats for Workout at Home


Second, there is the Reebok brand. Just like Adidas, the Reebok brand is already well-known as a sports brand. Mats for sports of this brand are perfect for those of you who have high exercise intentions because the material is comfortable and durable

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