How to Overcome Allergies at Home

Every individual must have allergies to certain foods or objects. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what allergies are because allergies always come on suddenly. However, the most common allergies experienced by a person are due to dust, dirt and humidity.

As a result of this dust allergy, usually a person will often sneeze, swollen eyes, skin redness, and rashes arise. Allergies can affect any area, including the respiratory and digestive tract. However, if the allergy occurs at home, it will certainly be very troublesome, right? So that allergies do not easily occur at home, here are some tips:

Clean the House from Dust

If you have air conditioning such as a fan, AC and exhaust fan, don’t forget to clean it when it’s dirty once a week or twice a month. Dust that sticks to the side of the air conditioner can be one of the causes of allergies even though the house is clean. Also make sure that the vents and windows are not exposed to dust.

Not wearing footwear at home

A clean house does not guarantee that we are free from allergies. Dust that accidentally enters the house is usually carried away from the shoes used. As much as possible, keep the house or room away from objects that are used outside, such as shoes. That’s because dust will be very easily carried away by our shoes. If the dust that is brought into the house we accidentally inhale, the allergy will recur. Put the shoes outside the house, clean if necessary at least once a week. And the most important thing is the existence of a mat in front of the door of the house so that before we enter the shoes can be rubbed first to reduce dust.


Even though we have a lot of activities, it doesn’t mean we have to forget about bathing. Bathing is very important for the body, because it keeps us clean. The number of daily routines will certainly leave the dust and dirt that sticks to the body. Clean yourself so that the skin is protected from allergies.

revent Moisture

The walls of the house tend to be susceptible to mold when the walls are damp. Make sure the walls are not damp by using an anti-mildew wall paint. This will help reduce allergy triggers in the house. Mold attached to the walls can cause the room to become musty and will interfere with our breathing.

Washing with Hot Water

It is very important to wash clothes and furniture in hot water. This is to kill germs and microbes that trigger allergies. Gently wash clothes and furniture made of fabrics such as doormats.

Cleaning cleaning tools

If we often clean the room using a vacuum cleaner, broom, mat and rag, don’t forget to clean these tools. Often used to clean the dust will certainly leave dust in each of these tools.

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