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Any kind of change in the weather is first visible on your skin. Just after a few days, the change in the weather will start showing on your skin. People are often troubled by dry skin, lifeless skin, and rough palms. Although most people take care of the skin of the face, but they ignore their hands. But my mom believes in tip-to-toe To make hands soft  skin care. That’s why even before the onset of cold weather, they are making glycerin moisturizer (homemade glycerin moisturizer). Let us know its benefits.

The cream prepared from glycerin moisturizes the hands. picture shutterstock

Know how my mom makes Glycerin Moisturizer

To make a glycerin moisturizer, she takes one teaspoon of glycerin, two teaspoons of rose water, one teaspoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon of almond oil.

For this, by mixing almonds and coconut oil, they heat them well. After that put it in another bowl and keep it to cool down. After the temperature of this mixture becomes normal, she adds rose water and glycerin to it. Simply Mommy’s Homemade Glycerin Moisturizer is ready. By storing it in the fridge, she uses it on her hands for a long time. Every night she massages her hands with it.

But is this homemade glycerin moisturizer really beneficial? We followed celebrity cosmetologist Dr Monica Kapoor to find out. He spoke about the amazing benefits of glycerin for the skin.

Know here how glycerin is beneficial for your skin

1. Moisturizes the skin

Cream prepared with glycerin moisturizes the hands. Using this cream daily helps your hands absorb moisture from the air. After absorbing the moisturizer, dry skin and patches from hands start to reduce. Your hands become soft after some time after applying glycerin cream..

2 . Healing Effect

Glycerin has many properties, which aid in the growth of cells. Because of this if you have any skin-related problem, then it will go away. Using glycerin cream daily stops the growth of infected tissue.

3. Protects the skin from harmful chemicals

Due to the coconut oil present in the glycerin cream, the epidermal layer of the skin becomes thick. Due to this the chemicals do not reach the skin and the skin of the hands remains healthy.

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