5 Habits that Cause Food Poisoning at Home

Habits that cause food poisoning are most commonly caused by microbial or microscopic germs that enter the digestive tract. So that it will result in inflammation of a person’s stomach or intestines due to the intake they receive. Symptoms that will arise when a person experiences poisoning are vomiting to continuous diarrhea.

The Most Common Causes of Food Poisoning Habits

cause of food poisoning

Food poisoning occurs due to various factors, one of which is bad habits that are often done at home. Well, here are 5 habits that can cause food poisoning at home:

Forgot to wash groceries

The easiest way to deal with the causes of food poisoning is to wash the food that will be eaten first. Such as fruits, vegetables and other types of meat. This will be able to remove the pesticides that are in the fruit and vegetables and will keep you from germs that cause poisoning. It is better to wash fruits and vegetables in running water, so that the germs in fruits and vegetables can be lost quickly.

Not Checking Food Packaging

First, check the packaging on the food you have, so you can find out the right way to store the food. Food that is stored in the right way will prevent food from spoiling and getting moldy. In addition to checking the packaging, also make sure the food you have is not past its expiration date. If you have food that does not use preservatives, it is better not to consume it beyond the expiration date.

Habits Cause Food Poisoning Because Refrigerator Temperatures Drop

Don’t let the temperature in your refrigerator drop. If the refrigerator temperature decreases and makes the refrigerator less cold, it will make germs and bacteria grow faster in raw foods such as meat and fish. You should set the temperature in your refrigerator below 4 degrees Celsius, so that the food in the refrigerator is protected from germs and bacteria.

Common Causes of Food Poisoning Combine Kitchen Appliances

It’s best to avoid combining some of your kitchen utensils, such as knives and others. Do not combine a knife for raw meat with a knife for fruits or vegetables. If you use the same utensils for raw meat and fruit or vegetables, germs and bacteria will spread to all foods. Differentiate your kitchen utensils for processing raw and cooked foods.

Leaving Food Too Long at Room Temperature

Don’t let your cooked food stay at room temperature for too long. This will make the food range contaminated with sopra and bacteria that can cause diarrhea. If the food has been more than 3 hours at room temperature, you should preheat it before consuming it. Store food in the refrigerator or freezer if you don’t want to eat it again.

washing foods such as fruits and vegetables, and wash your hands before eating or handling food to prevent bacteria from sticking to your food.

Already Know the Causes of Food Poisoning That Often Occurs?

Of course, by maintaining food storage, room temperature, and anticipating the causes of toxic food, the body will become healthier. The condition of the kitchen room can also determine the state of the food stored. See some info about other lifestyles

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