7 Best Bluetooth Headset Recommendations at Low Prices

Headsets are generally divided into two, the first is a standard headset and the second is a bluetooth headset .

Both can be used to listen to music and also receive phone calls with ease. You don’t need to raise the phone towards the ear anymore.

Especially for those of you who love to use the  best bluetooth headset , there are several product recommendations that can be used.

This product has high quality and the price is quite affordable. Read more in the list below.

A headset with bluetooth features in it is very useful for those of you who don’t like wearing accessories for how long.

Here are some recommendations for headsets that you can choose and use on.

1. Headset Bluetooth Vyatta Airboom Pro

Vyatta Airboom Pro

For those of you who are buying a headset for the first time with bluetooth features in it. This product may be a little foreign.

Even though this product is a local brand that is able to produce the best bluetooth headsets with good quality and prices that tend to be skewed.

The advantage of Following is its ability to perform several functions. Just activating the control from your device can perform 14 different types of functions in turn.

So there’s no need to keep using the phone to make settings. In general at this time have a very good quality.

If you really like listening to music online or playing games, use this headset for the perfect effect so you can enjoy your entertainment more.

2. Headset Bluetooth JBL T450BT

Headset Bluetooth JBL T450BT

This headset has a battery life of up to 11 hours making it perfect for working or playing games until satisfied.

The sound quality is also good, so that various types of effects from music will be heard even though they are layered.

This product is large enough to cover the entire ear. This cover also has the ability to minimize leaking sound. Other people around won’t be able to hear it.

One thing that is quite unfortunate about this type of headset is the supported bluetooth version. If a lot of headsets already support bluetooth 5.0, this version still uses bluetooth 4.0. with this version various types of old phones can take advantage of it.

3. Xiaomi MiFa X3

Xiaomi MiFa X3

Xiaomi also issued a version of their headset with a pretty good quality. This type is a full separation or perfectly separated so to use it you have to do charging using wireless.

Once fully charged, this headset can be used for up to 32 hours. With a battery that is sufficient for this crew, you only need to charge it once to be used for 3 to 4 days.

So, it is perfect for those of you who like to travel or take outdoor excursions.

The audio quality of this headset is quite perfect. It is not surprising that this product is used by many people, especially Xiaomi enthusiasts.

One thing that is quite unfortunate is that some products have experienced a few seconds of delay when used to listen to music.

4. Headset Bluetooth Sony WH-CH510

Headset Bluetooth Sony WH-CH510

Usually a bluetooth type headset that can be used a maximum of 18 hours. If you use this ear cup type headset from Sony, after fully charging, the headset can be used non-stop for 35 hours.

With a fairly high battery power, you can use it for various needs. One of them is used to play games all night.

For those of you who like to study in peace, this can be used to listen to music without leaking. For reference, you can also read Sony WF 1000XM3 Wireless Earphones .

Some people also like to use this headset to do outdoor activities, including exercising. With waterproof certification, you don’t need to be afraid if this headset is exposed to rain or wet with sweat.

5. Bluetooth Headset QCY T1 Pro

QCY T1 Pro

Not all the best bluetooth headsets are waterproof or IPX4 certified.

This chat has that ability so you won’t feel worried when you use it to do sports and get a lot of sweat.

This headset has a good quality of sound produced and various effects in it.

If you really like listening to music or instruments, this headset is perfect because it can display various sound screens that are there.

One interesting thing about this headset is that it has a case that can be used for charging.

Once you put it in the case, you can immediately start the charging process so that when you use it, the headset can last up to 18 hours.

6. Baseus Encok D02

Baseus Encok D02

Usually headsets with ear cup types are a little difficult to store in a bag. You must provide a separate container so that this tool is not damaged.

Fortunately, this product from Baseus can be folded so it’s easy to store without damaging it.

The advantage of this headset is its ability to perform noise cancellation. The sound heard was absolutely clear.

Even though you are busy around, the sound will not enter and disturb you in listening to music.

If you use a device that does not have bluetooth. This gadget is also equipped with a removable audio jack.

So, no matter what type of phone or gadget you use, you can still enjoy it to the fullest.

7. Anker SoundBuds NB10

Anker SoundBuds NB10

This headset has an over head neckband design. You can put it around your neck so that the headset fits perfectly on your ear.

The plastic used is also elastic so it will not make the area around the neck feel disturbed or uncomfortable.

With a design like this, you can take advantage of this type of product’s headset to carry out outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities such as runners can also take advantage of this headset so you don’t take out your cellphone too often.

The advantage of this headset is that it can produce sound with perfect quality. Sound clear so you won’t be bothered by outside leaks.

Because it is used for sports, all parts of the headset are waterproof so they are not easily damaged or sticky.

Various types of headsets that have been discussed above, you can buy to complement mobile phones and gadgets.

 The best bluetooth headsets  that are available above are very useful for those of you who do a lot of work with cellphones.

Besides that, for those of you who love to play games or just listen to music, tomorrow is also useful so that you can do it by lying down.

Actually the function of a bluetooth headset is the same as most headsets. But some people prefer to use this type of handset because it is not too long so it can be easily stored in the pocket. So you won’t have to worry about using it.

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